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  1. turn over a new leaf

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    • 1. 展開新的一頁 Every January first, many people turn over a new leaf and try to work harder. 每年的一月一日, 許多人都重新開始, 想更努力工作。



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    • 英文片語Turn over a new leaf的來源

      ...leaf of a book) which then provided many idioms such as turn over a new leaf (late 16th century)... 這段說明了Turn over a new leaf之所以...信件以免混淆發問者。Calm down! Don’t act like a mad man!

    • 英文phrasal verbs例句

      ...turn over ; turn somebody or something over - We are looking forward to turning over a new leaf of our life. - Amy decided to turn over the bookshop to ...

    • 網路假期的英文誰能幫我解答

      ... recovering from illness, Jason turned over a new LEAF and devoted his life to charity... FOR the forest. There’s a fierce lion living there. (1) head for (2) hammer...