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  1. turn someone on

    • ph.
      excite or stimulate the interest of someone, especially sexually
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    • turn someone on這片語意思是?

      ...sugar pie, pumpkin pie, sweetie, sweet pie, honeybunch 等     turn someone on 使...某人有興趣 / 興奮, 使...某人慾火焚身    ...老婆, 來補償他不在她身邊的時候     set eyes on each other 看到對方    The moment they set ...

    • turn in是何意思?

      ...中式英文﹐那他的意思一般講英文的人就很難了解了。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ETA: turning (someone) on 就是挑起(某人)的慾望 如果他沒可能講錯﹐那多半就是你聽錯了吧

    • on assignment/turn in》 Turn in(1) 《上床睡覺》to go to your bed in...將某人報到或提到治安單位》to take or report someone to the police or other authority Iwould feel...