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  1. turn someone over to

    • ph.
      deliver someone to the care or custody of (an authority)
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    • turn someone on這片語意思是?

      ...without her make-up really turned me off.  看到她卸...倒盡胃口     get along with someone 與某人合睦相處    ...老是愛批評我     see eye to eye 看法一致    The... fallen out over a mere trifle.  我女朋友和...

    • 這裡的turn over該如何處理??

      ...for when there is personnel change, the old one turn over the duty to the new one. 2012-05-21 11:58:10 補充: "呈交... used when you hand over something to someone who has higher rank than you do. "...

    • 出國玩的基本英文會話~20點

      ....C. a bit? (小一點) or Can you turn up our A.C. lower? 我這裡... TV doesn't work, can you send someone over to check? (也可以把TV改成其他壞掉的東西...