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  1. turn something on

    • ph.
      start the flow or operation of something by means of a valve, switch, or button
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    • 英文phrasal verbs例句

      (1). turn something on - I would like to turn the fan on. - The.... - The music was turned on, so they could dance. (2). turn over ; turn somebody or something over - We are looking forward to...

    • turn it on its head 的意思

      ...賣 餅 乾 的 學 生 「 小 販 」 。 至 于 turn something on its head是 turn something upside down的 意 思 , 簡 單 用...

    • 英文意思問題(idiom)

      ...nature 「自然」,指先天基因遺傳,還是 nurture 「教養」,指後天的環境? 3 turn something on its head 完全顛覆某事 turn something on its head 字面意思是 「把...