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  1. turn sth. in

    • ph.
      交還或退還某物;停止做某事; 放棄某事物
    • 釋義


    • 1. 交還或退還某物 You must turn in your kit before you leave the army. 退伍時應將裝備(制服等)繳回。
    • 2. 停止做某事; 放棄某事物 The job was damaging his health so he had to turn it in. 那工作危害他的健康, 所以他只好放棄了。
    • 3. 取得(分數等); 完成(表演等) Thompson turned in a superb performance to win the decathlon. 湯普森在十項全能比賽中表現十分出色。
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