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  1. turn sth. out

    • ph.
      關掉(燈或爐火); 熄滅;將某物中的東西除掉; 弄空
    • 釋義


    • 1. 關掉(燈或爐火); 熄滅 Remember to turn out the lights before you go to bed. 臨睡前別忘了關燈。
    • 2. 將某物中的東西除掉; 弄空 turn out the attic, one's drawers 把閣樓、抽屜騰空 The teacher ordered him to turn out his pockets. 老師叫他把衣袋裡的東西全拿出來。
    • 3. (使某物)向外 Her toes turn out. 她的腳趾向外撇。 She turned her toes out. 她把腳趾向外彎。