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    turn the facts upside down

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      ...39;s story was significantly important in the Chinese history due to the fact that it turned the (by then and now still) male-superior culture upside down.

    • 能幫我翻譯這段英文的意思嗎?

      (看來是書評。説的是 I, Crocodile 這本圖畫書,1999年出版。據說題材取自一個老笑話,説拿破崙把隻鱷魚抓到巴黎。書中鱷魚自述的諷刺語氣頗有趣。譯如下) 首先我要説,書裏的圖畫極好,把這隻無奈的鱷魚畫得很生動。牠看起來比較像個長了短腿的香腸,而不再是...

    • 徵求英文有關LOVE的文章 or through friends. Then she did the unthinkable - she became engaged! I ... to get to know me. I was, in fact, pretty rude to him. Things were definitely...