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  1. turn to

    • ph.
      轉向;著手, 致力於; 開始努力地或熱情地工作
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    • 1. 轉向 As he turned to me I noticed that he had a scar on his face. 當他轉向我時, 我注意到他臉上有個疤。
    • 2. 著手, 致力於; 開始努力地或熱情地工作 Now let us turn to the linguistic aspects. 現在讓我們來談談語言方面的問題。 It's time we turned to our work. 是我們開始工作的時候了。
    • 3. 向...尋求幫助(或指教等) She always turns to him when she is in real trouble. 她有實際困難時總是向他救援。 She has nobody she can turn to. 她求助無門。
    • 4. 翻到 Turn to page twenty-five, please. 請翻到第二十五頁。