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    turn up missing

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    • turned-up nose是什麼意思

      ...turnedupnose.html Do I Have a Turned-Up Nose?I think I do and that...kind of piggy like (have been called Miss Piggy many times) but I...

    • 英文phrasal verbs例句 is too dark now. - No one in my family expected the missing watch would be turned up. - The story she was describing this morning turns up...

    • unless you a zombie文法

      樓主沒有提供前文,但想必是說一件一般人不會做的事。 所以unless you a zombie的語意是「除非(換成)是你這具殭屍」, 也就是說,原文有所省略,例如: ....unless (the person was) you a zombie. ....unless you a zombie (took his place). 其中a zombie是you的同位語,故不可加are...