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  1. turn up the thumb


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    • 1. 表示贊成 Only two people at the meeting turned up the thumb for the idea. 在會上只有兩人對那一主意表示贊成。
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      ...尚未決定,起飛9.face the music...很有趣味性 and downs...盛衰;沈浮12.all thumbs...搭便車15.turn thumbs down...

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      ...做出豎起拇指的手勢. In 2003, a news report said that Iraqis turned their thumbs up to the American soldiers. 3.這手勢讓美國人很高興,因為他們認定它...

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      ...pencil 拿出鉛筆 ★ put away youe pencil 放回鉛筆 ★ turn on the radio 打開收音機 ★ turn off the radio 關閉收音機 ★ fill out a form 填表格 ★ look up a word 查一個單字 ★ pass out the paper 傳遞一張紙 ★ cross out the word 劃掉...