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  1. turn aside

    • vi.
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    • 1. 偏離 he came towards me, but turned aside at the last moment 他向我走來,但在最後一刻走開了 to turn aside from sth. 偏離某事
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  2. 知識+

    • 請教一些高中文法和句型

      ...of 180-degree turn. Turn around and let me look at your back. turn aside避開;轉過臉 (轉90度) If you turn aside, you turn your face away...

    • 問文法和片語

      ...advice of (C) find room (D) fall short (E) in perspective (F) turn aside (G) beyond one’s control (H) get rid of (I) in first place...

    • 英文題,請幫忙解釋一下?

      ...的意思是利潤 所以turn a profit 就賺錢啦 2.take turn 換邊 3.turn out 變成 4.turn aside aside 是旁邊 所以就是轉身不管