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  1. twin bedroom


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    • two single beds=double bed?

      ... Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2007 edition p.1615 twin beds: two separate beds in the same bedroom, often close to each other or next to each other 2010-12-14 08:43:41 補充: http://dictionary...

    • 請幫我寫預訂國外火車票的英文信,非常感謝。

      ...there were four people. I want to book a night bedroom (sleeping train) tickets.Trip, we want...) the road louxor (Luxor) ticket, we need 2 twin bins.When you return, we want to seven-...

    • 現在分詞與過去分詞的使用時機

      ....... = As they sat on the sofa, the twin sisters..... (正當兩雙胞胎姊妹坐在沙發上時...和主要子句的主詞相呼應 如: Placed in my bedroom, my handbag was gone. (我的手提包放在...