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    • 「round the twist」是什麼意思?  round the twist (British & Australian, informal) (英國, 澳洲 非正式口語)crazy...

    • 什麼是novel twist

      Novel twist - To describe something had been there all this while and will not...plain and simple for the past decade. I don't see there will be a novel twist in it for another. 例如:(他這十年的生活都過得相當平凡無忌。我想接下來...

    • Who's Oliver Twist(用英文回答)

      Oliver Twist是世界名著的Oliver Twist is the starring from the...的著名小說《孤雛淚》的主角.(孤雛淚的英文標題原名就是"Oliver Twist".) 要對你翻譯的話就Oliver Twist is an orphan who ...