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  1. ugly duckling


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    • 1. 醜小鴨
    • 2. (喻)醜小鴨似的人;醜小鴨似的事物 That beauty once was an ugly duckling. 那美女以前是個醜小鴨。
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    • 請幫我翻譯成英文!(急需)

      The Ugly Duckling Once upon a time down on an old farm, lived...14:50:18 補充: "I can't understand how this ugly duckling can be one of mine!" she said to ...

    • 急~醜小鴨的故事(要英文版的)

      THE UGLY DUCKLING Once upon a time, nine ducklings hatched...on the other side of the lake. The teased the ugly duckling. “You can’t be a duck! You can’t be a...

    • 醜小鴨心得中翻英~~急需QQ

      The ugly duckling is a with strange appearance duck.It grows with the brothers...past, the winter comes gradually.The breeze "shout" of blow, the ugly duckling found out a heap of withered the reed cluster that drop, it hides...