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    • 超聲波超音速的
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    • 關於工程類的英文 希望達人幫個忙 20點 謝謝

      ...speed measurement of various types of thin-disc ultrasonic actuator, we attach the light-reflection plate at its rotor...three-phase-eccentric and three-phase symmetric thin-disc ultrasonic actuator which are designed in this text, the...

    • 一小段理工類英文翻譯 不難 20點 謝謝

      At the original design of the thin-disc ultrasonic actuator, the screw position is considered as... the vibration source of whole the thin-disc ultrasonic actuator, and the other three screws are only...

    • 超音波的名詞解釋

      英文:ultrasonic (waves); supersonic (waves) 國語解釋:人耳所能聽到的聲波頻率在...