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  1. unbearable

    • IPA[ʌnˈbeərəbl]



    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • Who finds the food unbearable?

      Who finds the food unbearable? 誰對這食物無法忍受? My sister finds the food unbearable. 我妹妹...

    • 短文英翻中(Unbearable Pain)

      This pain is literally killing me... 這種痛真的是要了我的命啊! If I knew this day would come, I would have quit smoking long ago... 如果我知道會有這一天,我一定會早就戒菸了 I just did not think I would be so...

    • 請問這句英文是誰說的?

      ... fight the unbeatable foe 對抗一個無法擊敗的敵人 To bear with unbearable sorrow 忍受那無法容忍的悲傷 To run where the brave dare not go 跑向...