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    • 急!給國外客戶的合約翻譯?

      ... shall notify vendors. Vendors are obligated to unconditionally give the assistance of installation, together with technical training and guidance.

    • 翻譯一段話(中翻英)[有20點~~]急需!!!

      ...on. They are always somewhere around the world striving hard, yet unconditionally/ silently, to help others. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1...

    • <煩請各位高手幫忙翻譯 中翻英>

      當作標語式,祈使句,來翻譯 1:無條件忍耐,無限度服從! Be tolerant unconditionally. Be obedient by all means. 2:永遠忠貞 Be loyal forever. 3:寧願榮耀而死不願苟且偷生 Better die gloriously than live in shame.