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  1. under

    • IPA[ˈʌndə]


    • prep.
      extending or directly below;below (something covering or protecting)
    • adv.
      extending or directly below something;under water
    • 釋義
    • prep.
    • 1. extending or directly below:

      vast stores of gas under the North Sea

      the streams that ran under the melting glaciers

    • 2. below (something covering or protecting):

      under several feet of water

      a hot plate under an insulated lid

    • 3. at a lower level than:

      the room under his study

    • 4. behind (a physical surface):

      it was written on the new canvas under a gluey coating

    • 5. behind or hidden behind (an appearance):

      he had a deep sense of fun under his quiet exterior

    • 6. lower in grade or rank than:

      under him in the hierarchy

    • 7. lower than (a specified amount, rate, norm, or age):

      they averaged just under 2.8 per cent

    • 8. controlled, managed, or governed by:

      the province is now under martial law

      I was under his spell

    • 9. during the rule of:

      the coinage standard was reformed under Elizabeth I

    • 10. as a reaction to or undergoing the pressure of (something):

      the sofa creaked under his weight

      certain institutions may be under threat

    • 11. as provided for by the rules of; in accordance with:

      flowers supplied under contract by a local florist

    • 12. used to express grouping or classification:

      file it under ‘lost’

      published under his own name

    • 13. within the environment of (a particular operating system):

      the program runs under DOS

    • 14. undergoing (a process):

      under construction

    • 15. in a state of:

      children living under difficult circumstances

    • 16. planted with:

      fields under wheat

    • adv.
    • 1. extending or directly below something:

      weaving the body through the crossbars, over and under, over and under

    • 2. under water:

      he was floating for some time but suddenly went under

    • 3. affected by an anaesthetic; unconscious:

      the operation was quick; she was only under for 15 minutes

  2. 知識+

    • There is a little town under t

      There is a little town under the hill.(在山腳下)請問為什麼要用under不用 is below hers.他在公司裡職位比她低。 under當作介係詞(preposition)用時,用途很多:1 a. 在…之下     a...

    • 請問Under Siege和Underdog的翻譯。

      Under Siege 字面意思是 “被圍困”, 電影名稱怎麼翻譯都行 Underdog 字面意思是 “敗犬”, 電影名稱怎麼翻譯都行 兩個字都包含了under, 但是狀況完全不同 前一個 under 是介係詞, 其後會接一個名詞, 但不能跟其它...

    • Under the tree....

      She slept under the tree 是直述句 Under the tree she slept 是強調"睡...挑錯 我會用"躺"在樹下 而不是"睡"在樹下 Under the tree she lay down, or Under the tree she took a break...