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  1. under canvas

    • ph.
      in a tent or tents;with sails spread
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    • <<急..非常急>>拜託幫我中翻英..麻煩了..

      ...outdoors at night September ,1988 painting on canvas starry night in dark navy blue, some guests were...the side of the road opening out the mystery of the night under the yellow dizzy light Van Gogh strived...

    • 英文翻譯(LiveABC中級的文章)

      ...of the money it made from trade and poured it into the arts. Canvas---what most artists paint on today---was invented here. 威尼斯...

    • 想請大好心人幫我翻成中文..感激不盡!!

      幸福 一群綿羊在度過夜晚準時地寬的大草原道路稱為偉大的高速公路人的. 2個牧羊人在保衛它. 一,一無齒老男人的八十, 和一抖動面孔, 是橫臥在他的胃在這非常邊緣的這道路, 性癖他的肘部在這滿是灰塵葉的一車前草; 這其他的, 一年輕傢伙和粗厚黑眉毛和不鬚, 穿著在這粗糙帆布的哪個...