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  1. under consideration

    • ph.
      being thought about
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    • 請英文達人造consideration造句?

      ... into consideration. 2008-07-19 10:54:34 補充: 相近 但有些微不同 under consideration意思是: 一項決定正在考慮中 例如: The idea of having a holiday in...

    • rather than英文句子翻譯

      The time period under consideration is more likely a short period rather than a long period. 在審議(考慮)中的時間比較像是短的期間而非長期間。(就是可以審議(考慮)的時間很短而不是很長) more likely: 比較像是

    • 解解單字!!!!!!!!!!!

      ...出征 ★consideration n. 1. 考慮[U][(+for/to)] That matter is under consideration. 那件事正在考慮之中。 Before writing your ...