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  1. under fire

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    • 1. 遭到射擊 come under intense fire 受到槍炮猛烈攻擊
    • 2. 【喻】受到嚴厲批評 The government is under fire from all sides on its economic policy. 政府在經濟政策上受到各方的嚴厲批評。
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    • 片語come under fire 跟 chip away

      come under fire : to be criticized severely for sth you have done 受到嚴厲批評; 遭到猛烈批判ex: The health minister has come under fir from all sides. (衛生部長受到來自各方的責難。) chip a way at sth...

    • 英文come under fire的意思

      come under fire 飽受攻擊 The company has come under fire for laying off its older employees 公司因為資遣資深的員工而飽受攻擊

    • 英文: “...reserve under fire..."

      ...reticence”的意思。 參考。所以“Her reserve under fire…”就是如您所翻,“她在面臨槍擊的時候所表現的冷靜,,唯有她那精準的槍法...