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  1. under no consideration


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    • 絕不的所有英文片語!20奌

      by no means(決不)=never =under no circumstances =on no account =in no way =in no case =under no consideration =on no condition =on no terms =in no circumstances 喔, 好了, 較常用的只有前3個

    • 解解單字!!!!!!!!!!!

      ...考慮[U][(+for/to)] That matter is under consideration. 那件事正在考慮之中。 Before ...體貼;關心[U][(+for)] He showed no consideration for his wife. 他不體貼他的妻子...

    • 個體經濟的問題 (急需幫忙)

      ...the CSC sustained SM' refusal; I believe it must be under the consideration that the building is no longer safe for rental purpose and might be better off to be demoished...