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  1. under offer

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    • 1. (指待售房屋)已有人出價要買 The office block is under offer. 辦公大樓已有人出價購買。
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    • under-employment 的意思

      under- employment can encourage both casual and permanent part- time workers to offer themselves for extra shifts. 非正式就業可以鼓勵長期臨時工和兼職...

    • 詢問一句英文之文法解析

      Several governments are offering auto makers a lifeline so they can avoid going under. 文法疑問: makers 何意? 答:汽車製造商。 2. auto makers...

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      ...是 Taiwanese 不是 Taiwan 吧)4. Acer PCs to offer Yahoo Search宏碁電腦將提供雅虎搜尋5. Traditional tea culture under threat傳統的茶文化受到威脅