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  1. under protest

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    • 1. (經抗議後)心有不甘地 She paid the fine under protest. 她爭執一番後, 無可奈何地繳納了罰金。
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    • 幾個英文片語問題(急啊!!!)

      ...attendance;specify the name;call off names (4)free of=without;沒有、免除 (5)under protest=reluctantly;unwillingly;不情願地、持有異議地

    • 幫忙英文翻成中文吧(上).

      ...if their jobs were threatened, but they should do so under protest and then file a grievance afterward.:聯盟已經為品質計畫反對探索的落實而且已經佔據...

    • 誰會幫我翻英文句子

      People who are under ______ for a long time tend to have headaches and bad tempers. 人們在長期的-----------下,有頭疼和壞脾氣的傾向‧ (a)progress 發展 (b)pressure 壓力 (c)procedure 程序 (d)protest 抗議 聲明 答案: (B)