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  1. under the name (of)

    • ph.
      using the assumed name or designation
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    • 英翻中 謝謝 急需!!!

      ... LEGO Group strategy for the period to 2010 goes under the name of Shared Vision. The strategy is made up of many...

    • 4題英文文法題目請教

      ...句是倒裝句。寫成這樣你就知道意思了:The most distinguished names of the country are gathered today under this roof.全國最出名的人,今天都聚集在這間屋子裡了。 因為主詞是多數...

    • 有效強制責任保險卡須登記新車主姓名,這樣翻譯對嗎

      有效強制責任保險卡須登記新車主姓名 A valid compulsory insurance card must bear the name of the current owner. 說明: 所謂新車主, 應是指現行的汽車所有人, 英文是the current owner.