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  1. under the weather

    • ph.
      slightly unwell or in low spirits
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    • ph.
      slightly unwell or in low spirits

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • under the weather什麼意思 幫我翻譯這句

      Once she notices I am under the weather,she will sit domn next to me and keep me company. 當她注意到我生病了她就會坐在我身邊與我做伴 under the weather---生病,身體不適

    • 英文的問題 麻煩高手幫忙解決

      raining cats and dogs 下傾盆大雨 under the weather 在天氣之下 something's fishy 某事可疑 on cloud 9 在雲彩9 head in the...

    • 下列兩句英文的意思

      1. I am so into you. 我對你很有興趣我深深沉迷於你2. I am a little bit under the weather.我有點生病(感冒)  2005-08-07 11:19:47 補充: Thanks a lot for the fair evaluation!