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  1. understandably

    • IPA[ʌndəˈstandəbli]


    • adv.
      as is reasonable or expected;in a way that can be understood
    • 釋義


    • 1. as is reasonable or expected the victim was understandably shaken by the incident
    • in a way that can be understood this book offers an example of how to write clearly and understandably about the history of modern art
  2. 知識+

    • 看的懂 聽的懂 英文寫法

      ...can) understand what I see and what I hear. I can see(hear) it understandably. -在這裡, understandable 是指可以被了解的, understandably 就是這個意思的abverb -如果...

    • being用法

      ...,是 concerned about 的第二個受詞. Society is understandably concerned about the issues surrounding body image and ...

    • 中翻英 - 咖啡被稱為「黑金」不是沒有道理的

      咖啡被稱為「黑金」不是沒有道理的, Coffee is also understandably called "black gold". 光是看台灣現在不管便利商店還是超市都可以...