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    • I understand your question.意思?

      ...答案 Am I clear now? 現在我這樣講清楚嗎? 5. I hope you can understand me. 希望你懂我意思 6.I don’t have the information here. 我這沒(相關)資訊 7.Could...

    • miss understand意思

      miss understand 是誤解 誤認的意思 例如說我誤解你的資訊 I miss understand your information

    • We understand your ..意思?

      請參考我對第 2、3 的意見 2.We have managed to solve all issues with this one. 我們已經能夠用這點來解決其它所有的問題了。 3.Let's reach a general agreement at this stage and leave some unresolved issues pending. 現階段我們大致上有了一定的...