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    • 1. 心照不宣的事 It was quite an understood thing to us at that time. 那在當時對我們來說是件心照不宣之事。
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    • 請問這句英文要如何翻譯

      Students understand things in the icrt、hbo、english news!! 希望我ㄉ回答對您有幫助!! 有問題時, 可以E-mail問我喔!

    • 各位英文小老師教教我吧??

      ...with great courage and strong understanding of things (or strong sense of understanding things) win my admiration most, because they are the two things I...

    • 這四句英文的中文解釋

      ...真正困擾你,你才去處理。 Walk in the other person's shoes : try to understand things from the other person's point of view. 站在別人的立場想一想:試著從別人的角度...