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    • 已開發 開發中 未開發 國家 英文說法??

      ... 已開發國家 developing countries 開發中國家 undeveloped countries 未開發國家 2010-10-16 23:30:18 補充: 謝謝Yung-Tsai大師支持...

    • 我一直認為還有許多落後國家還沒有得到幫助...中翻英(內詳)

      "I strongly believe that there are still many undeveloped countries remain unhelped and as a principle, I would like to gather more people together to help these poor countries."

    • 英文字義題 (急問)

      Few expected that this country’s unprecedented power would face so many challenges, not only from rising...exceptionally powerful country would encounter much defiance from both the fast growing countries and its old friends. 很難想像這個非常有力量的國家會遭遇快速...