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  1. unheard-of

    • KK[ʌnˋhɝd͵ɑv]
    • DJ[ʌnˋhə:dɔv]


    • a.[Z]
    • 釋義


    • 1. 前所未有的;不為人所知的 an unheard-of writer 不出名的作家
    • 2. 空前的;不尋常的;前所未聞的 This is an unheard-of outrage. 這是前所未聞的暴行。
  2. 知識+

    • 哪位英文達人可以幫我

      ...主詞補語) (who demand that colleges offer students luxuries unheard of by earlier generations of college students -- single dorm...

    • 服務中心英文翻譯

      ...pocket expenses, I am just saying that it is not unheard of that concierge will pull out all the stops for a client. 我並非主張要規定...

    • 請勿重壓 的 英文

      for 箱子: Caution: Do NOT stack! for 易碎品: Fragile! Please handle with care. for 不耐壓的地板: (unheard of, but...advise you to get it changed): No heavy load allowed!