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  1. unskilled

    • IPA[ʌnˈskɪld]



    • adj.
      未受專門訓練的; 無需專門訓練的;無技能的
    • 釋義


    • 1. 未受專門訓練的; 無需專門訓練的 a shortage of unskilled labour 非技術性勞動力的缺乏
    • 2. 無技能的 to be unskilled at sth. 不擅長某事
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    • 中譯英~~英文簡單履歷翻譯~~~急急急 charge ofing content, though to the scientific and technological industry of the semiconductor unskilled, I have strong study hearts and serious working attitude, wish to...

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      ...得好的靜脈穿刺可延長通路的壽命讓患者更舒服The opposite is true-unskilled or careless反之粗糙輕率的靜脈穿刺,不僅減短通路的使用年限,更會危及患者壽命...

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