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    • 時態 for until now

      ...簡單式,提供主句未來的時間點) Up untill now, everything in Katherine's life has...時效迄今,用現在完成式) Stay on the bus until the big supermarket, then get off and turn left.(祈使句,用現在簡單式...

    • 請問 ”Until then” 是什麼意思?

      ...尚未": I didn't know till now that you were ill. (直到現在我...petrol does not turn into a liquid until it has been cooled...所引用的文章之中的"Until then"應該指"在那之前",根據...

    • 請問為何只能用”stop until”?

      ...until you’ve finished this. Until now I have always lived alone. They moved here in 2002. Until then they’d always been in the London...