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    • 這句英文文法有錯誤嗎?

      The result will be came out until the meeting finished. 沒有中文,不知道你要表示什麼...及物動詞,用主動即可。我們的句子 until the meeting finishes 就是「直到會議結束」。 finish 當...

    • 請問一下not until 得相關問題?!

      Not until the little boy finished the painting ,the girl had been... girl had not left in a rush until the little boy finished the painting. 這樣懂嗎? 不懂在提出來...

    • Try finishing or try to finish

      E.x try finishing 嘗試完成 try+ving 試著做.. try to finish 嘗試去完成 try+to...