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    • 1. 不習慣 She's unused to flying and gets a little anxious in planes. 她不習慣乘飛機,一上飛機便有點緊張。
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    • rather unused to this planet?

      rather unused to this planet 很不習慣這個星球do you believe in reality 你相信實境嗎?乍看是沒啥關係,若你在同一本書上的同一段落看到了,就多少有點關係。

    • 請英文能手幫我翻譯以下的句子!!

      ... first time taking Jack's class, I feel really unused to it, can't really say about this feeling, I'm just completely...

    • 請教各位英文高手 三個問題

      1. Reverse logistics refers to the flow of unwanted or unused goods back to a company.逆向物流指不...性質」。 也可寫成:the flow back of unwanted or unused goods to a company 類似名詞受副詞修飾的狀況:...