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    • 請問 unaware of 與 unknown to 的差異

      The rest of the body chugs along seemingly unaware of whether the brian is asleep or awake. When... questioned sentence, you need to "unaware of", because your body can only feel or have the...

    • as unaware as 該如何翻譯呢?

      ... attention to the other players, though, didn't mean she was as unaware as she seemed. 僅僅因為她似乎不太注意其他打牌的人,可不表示她像...

    • 急.. 不自知 翻譯.. unaware of... He was unaware of breaking her heart. 例:他傷了她的心卻不自知. 2013-11-17 01:06:10 補充: 另外一種用法: He broke her heart unconciously.