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  1. up above

    • ph.
      above one's head; overhead
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    • 需要翻譯.還有文法對不對?

      and high up above or down below.whan you're too in love to let it go .but if you never'll never know...just what you're worth 高高在上或卑微屈膝 當你因為深愛著而放不下. 但是如果不去嘗試看看又怎麼會知道呢.....到底妳值不值得

    • 小星星英文歌詞英翻中>////<

      ...閃啊 小星星How I wonder what you are  我納悶你到底是什麼Up above the world so high 高高掛在世界的上方Like a diamond in the sky  在天上...

    • 請問where billboards tower above

      but they never fail to turn heads or heat up the streets where billboards tower above them. they = Clavin Klein's ads above ...