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  1. up to par

    • ph.
      at an expected or usual quality
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    • ph.
      at an expected or usual level or quality

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 英翻中兩題 None of the people who..

      1. None of the people who'd auditioned were really up to par. 這些參加試唱的人沒有一個真的達到標準的。(不夠格) 2. The champion...

    • 英文片語 up to...的用法?

      ...wherever he is. 那調皮的孩子哪去了?我看,他到哪也做不出好事來。 3. up to par 達到平常的高水平 例:I didn't think her performance was up to...

    • 英文會話work out和up to speed的意思

      ... or producing at an expected, acceptable, or competitive level; up to par: a new firm not yet up to speed.(以預期可接受或具競爭力的水準生產) Hope...