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  1. up-to-the-minute

    • adj.
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    • 英文片語 up to...的用法?

      ...例:Her school work isn't quite up to the mark. 他的功課不大符合要求。 7. up to the minute 最新的 例:Her clothes are always right up to the minute...

    • 英文題目講解

      ...要不然你就得加受格 We were late because we had to drive up to the church on the hill for 20 minutes. 惟 drive down可以解釋成為往下開(開下山),因此答案為(D) 圖片參考...

    • up在這裡的意思 I can take up to 3 people in my truck. This news is up to the minute. 2013-01-14 09:46:52 補充: You are very welcome !!!