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  1. upon

    • IPA[əˈpɒn]



    • prep.
  2. 知識+

    • Upon用法

      ... me talk about: 但是我們知道prevailed upon後面要加不定詞,這時要如何辨明呢? The verb .... Now, "on" vs "upon": Sometimes, both are interchangeable but they...

    • upon的用法

      upon後頭只能加名詞,是這樣嗎 No, it is more complicated than...interchangeable but they are NOT synonyms: I rely on (or upon) my friends to my furniture. Even though the above usage...

    • upon 與 up 有什麼差別??

      (1) upon 與 up 有什麼差別?? 十萬八千里, up是上的意思 upon是 on 的意思, 且比 on 來的正式 She sat upon the sofa (2...