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  1. upping

    • up的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • give up

      ...本好字典作為工具喔~ 以下是我針對give up用法的回答,希望對你有幫助喲!! Give up... seat to a child. 他把座位讓給一個小孩 6. give up on 某人 : (口語上) 不再相信某人會成功、對某人失望...

    • come up

      Come up 用法: 1. 走近;走到跟前 If you. • Her cat came up and rubbed itself against ... the sun or moon comes up, it rises. • It will be...

    • Whine up的歌詞翻譯

      ...留個言給版主一個鼓勵吧! 九命怪貓:Whine Up ( 叫春吧! ) It's summertime (夏天到啦!) ...get me hot (維持這個動作讓我好嗨) Winding up your body you don't have to stop (交織我們的...