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  1. urge sb. on

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    • 1. 鼓勵或激勵某人做某事 The manager urged his staff on (to greater efforts). 經理督促職員更加努力。 Urged on by his colleagues, he stood for election. 他受到同事的鼓勵而參加競選。
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    • 幾個英文單字用英文來解釋(急)

      ...or imitates his actions without thinking egg (someone) on (慫恿某人)--urge or strongly encourage sb to do sth reinforce 增援,加強--give more support to (sth);emphasize marijuana...

    • 幫我看一下 英文文法書是不是有寫錯

      ...) persuade persuade him to accept my recommendation on Oxon grammar bk. meaning:-convince,influence, prevail upon (him), talk into (you),urge(you)use persuasion as a noun. the opposite is dissuade verb.,:-I dissuade you...

    • 超急..求六月1~9號 4U雜誌的單字 片語

      ...apart phr. 崩潰 12. reveal v. 揭露 13. on everyone's lips 大家都在談論...慈善團體 17. victim n.受難者ˋ罹難者 18. urge v.極力主張 19. aid n. 援助 20. give...文化ㄉ 22. expression n. 用語 23. keep sb. in the dark phr.將某人蒙在鼓裡 24...