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    • Urgent! Engliah-Chinese needed

      英翻中:When presentedin a matter-of-fact manner, any logic, no matter how far-fetched, can soundsomewhat rational. For months now some of you have been watching, in amusement, while enquirerscontinue to be deceivedby someone whose imaginary, groundless logic that is...

    • 請問”迫切需要” 與”優越特性”的英文怎麼說?

      迫切需要是 in an urgent need of (we are in an urgent need of this system.) we are in...補充: sorry. please cross the "an" off. it should be "in urgent need of" or "have an urgent need for"

    • 緊急!! 中翻英 拜託幫忙一下

      ...客戶急著這個月要出貨25K, Since our client is in urgent need 25K of XX this month. 決定還是先將庫存內剩餘的 20K ...