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    • 查醫護單字

      ... 應該是Uro- 表示 尿 之意 of or relating to urine or the urinary organs : urogenital. duty n. 義務,責任,職務 R1 VS Visiting staff...

    • 誰可以提供英文期刊??

      ...level leiomyomas large, the oppression will have a situation in the vicinity of the organ. Urinary frequency or urgency: fibroids oppression to the bladder Constipation...

    • 幫我把身體器官和 些相關字翻成英文 謝謝>

      ...tract. 腎 - Kidney - are paired organs with several functions. They are.... They are an essential part of the urinary system and also serve homeostatic functions such as...