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    • 1. 有錢或有勢的人與尋常百姓的對比 We should try to get away from a them and us attitude in industrial relations. 我們應該努力擺脫勞資關係中“那群人和我們”這種對立的態度。
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      Us, and them 我們 和 他們 And after all we're only ordinary men. 畢竟... he cried from the rear 他的哭喊聲充斥著整個空間 and the front rank died. 前排的士兵們死去 And the general sat...

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      ... all teachers. (A) she(B)You.she.and I(C... all good teachers. (A) they(B)You.they.and we(C)We...

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      ...or their fingers to show that they feel angry or impatient. 當人們感到生氣或不耐煩...或坐的時候手指輕敲桌面) When we feel comfortable, our bodies look tense and nervous. 這句是不是應該為When we feel...