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  1. use and wont

    • ph.
      established custom
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    • ph.
      established custom

    Oxford Dictionary

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      .... 頭仍然在上面,眼睛。 That encourage me to make good use of it. 那鼓勵我充分利用它。 Clear thinking and seeing wont spoil emotion; it just gets them in the right place. 清晰的思維和看到...

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      你看得懂中文嗎? 如果你看得懂,那麼你可以詳述你的電腦是為何當機嗎? 畢竟沒來頭的問了人家也不好幫你... 或者你也可以直接到moztw.org去問? 那裡有很多既懂電腦又會英文的人會很熱心的幫助你地XD!! Could you know chinese? Can you tell me what cause...

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      (Try this and good luck! I used to live in MA.)Contents1 Geography 2 History 2...