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    • 請教翻譯~

      Use exclamation points sparingly , if at all. 少量有限的使用驚嘆號, 如果有的話(在任何方面).sparinglyLittle in amount; limited. 少量的;有限的。at all 在任何方面;全然

    • red ear slider fed commercial dog food or cat food. Commercial turtle foods can be used sparingly and should not be used as the primary food. Calcium (for shell health...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下的英文(是英翻中喔)?

      ...之溫和甚至可適用於敏感性肌膚。其香料含量低。 DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply sparingly and massage in upward movements over the face and neck and wash away with tap...