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    • 1. 過去經常 I used to go to the movies often. Did you use to? 從前我常去看電影, 你也常去嗎? I don't go to that school any more, but I used to. 我不再到那個學校去了, 但我以前卻常去。



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    • used to be..

      used to+原V 」裡的「 to+原V」是不定詞。 「used...?」,「有啊,我曾經去過一次」Yes, I used to go whale watching once.」。賞鯨不是過去的「習慣」,是...

    • 什麼是Used to?

      used to 有分以下幾種用法: used to +Vrt 表示過去有現在沒有的習慣 is/am/are used to + Ving 表示現在的習慣 was/were used to + Ving...

    • be used to

      There used to be a tall tree in the back yard when I was child. 這句可否改成這樣...做某事) <--- used是動詞, to是不定詞的引導字was used to + Ving/N : 過去習慣於(某動作或某事) <--- used...