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    • 評價,估價,價值判斷
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    • valuation 與 evaluation 的不同和用法?

      ...的結果如下 Longman和Collins Cobuild的解釋指出 valuation 專指 估價某物(以金錢來算的)價格或價值。 evaluation 專指 評估某事、某物的...

    • 請幫我翻譯 以下的英文句

      A valuation of the Life Policies will be provided to the company regularly and at least on quarterly basis or anytime upon request, and such valuation shall be binding on borrower for the purpose of the facility. 生命(人壽)保險...

    • 請問下列英文句子的翻譯

      ... on submission of completed data for revaluation and maintenance of the valuation roll. 合同價格和漸次的或整筆的付款安排在提交已完成重估和維護服務費的...