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    • 這句是什麼意思? 怎麼回答才恰當?

      What life do you value most highly? Why?(第二個字if是多出來的,這句話在問你最珍視的生活,是怎樣...社會安詳、充滿平和氣氛的生活,因為充滿問題的社會,讓人感到不安。I value the life without having to worry about money.  The society is full...

    • 簡易的英文文法問題

      Q1: I really value his friendship highly ( 我真的十分珍惜與他的友誼 ) 其中的highly 可以放在really後嗎? Ans...

    • 中文翻英文

      ...other day, find in the safe also empty , bring in and look at the end from the story, also valued highly the win her once, This tells us, conduct oneself...